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Kathleen West, Printmaker
Kathleen West, a life-resident of the Buffalo, NY area, has been an active printmaker for the past 30 years. She participates annually in both regional and national shows and is the recipient of numerous awards. After receiving her B.S. in art education from Rosary Hill College in 1964, Kathleen spent several years teaching children Art and adults Print Making in NY schools before deciding to concentrate exclusively upon her own artistic development. All of Kathleen's prints run in limited series, each hand printed with a wooden spoon. Many of the prints are then hand-colored.

A member of the Buffalo Society of Artists for 22 years, Kathleen is also a Master Artisan of the prestigious Roycrofters. Her work reveals her affection for the animal-life surrounding her, from cats who have shared her home to squirrels, geese, and cows that live in the trees and fields in Kathleen’s village of East Aurora. In addition to these glimpses of local surroundings and family history, Kathleen’s work reveals her widely ranging interest in history and literature.

Kathleen has drawn on the stories of Lewis Carroll to produce a series of prints, framing the characters in borders inspired by William Morris. Her series of works depicting women-proudly attired in sweeping medieval regalia, ready for an evening out in the felt hat and buckled shoes of the 1920s, poised with a falcon, shepherding the flock and most recently, sharing a moment with a favorite hound- proclaims her interest in the lives of women throughout the centuries. Much of Kathleen’s recent work, including her popular print “The Favorite,” reveals a unique pre-Raphaelite quality.

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